Top Tips to Optimize Function

ISBN-10: 0956172237      ISBN-13: 978-0956172235     (Denor Press)

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"Essential for Anyone with Parkinson's Disease at Any Stage!, April 5, 2011"

This book is essential for anyone with Parkinson's Disease at any stage. It provides "Tips" on the many aspects that an individual with Parkinson's faces. There are even humorous illustrations to balance out the serious matters addressed. The book includes areas that may not always be advised like the importance of the specific timing of taking L-dopa in relation to food (protein competes with L-dopa transport across the blood brain barrier).

The recommendations, however are NOT just from a nutritional perspective but cover personal, physiological, and psychological areas, amongst others.

This user-friendly book encourages Parkinson's people to be proactive as regards their needs when communicating with the medical profession.

Whitney, USA (Review on

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