The Way Forward!

ISBN: 0 9526056 8 6     (Denor Press)

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"The whole book is modern, comprehensive, practical and I think it really is 'The Way Forward!' I have read the whole book and found it to be a super help for both doctors and healthcare professionals, patients and carers. Honestly, I have not read such a detailed and multi-disciplinary book, so far."

Dr Irena Rektorová
Vice President, European Parkinson's Disease Association,
Assistant Professor of Neurology, Brno University, Czech Republic

"Thank you for your wonderful book. It should be compulsory reading for every single person involved with Parkinson's. We can really say now that for the first time something advised for Parkinson's Disease has actually worked."

J & P. L., Person with Parkinson's Disease and Carer, UK

"We have a copy of your excellent, refreshing and informative book on the integrated approach to Parkinsons. It was like a breath of fresh air to read. Thank you for an excellent book and the help it has brought us."

Simone Guest
Registered Homeopath, UK (Family with Parkinson's Disease)

"The book is fabulous!
The new book 'Parkinson's Disease - The Way Forward!' is an exciting one because it really looks at Parkinson's from an entire life perspective. I believe that you will find the book most informative."

Jo Rosen
President, Parkinson's Resource Organisation, USA

"This volume contains a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge which will be of benefit to all those in the world of Parkinson's Disease"

Professor Leslie Findley
Chairman of the Steering Group of the Global Parkinson's Disease Society,
Member World Health Organisation Working Party on Parkinson's Disease,
Medical Adviser to the European Parkinson's Disease Association,
Past Chairman of the UK Parkinson's Disease Society

"This may not be as headline-grabbing or sensationalist as foetal grafts or human cloning, but has the advantage of markedly improving the lives of those with this unfortunate illness."

Dr James Le Fanu
Medical Health Journalist
Sunday Telegraph, London, UK

"I found the style refreshing, demonstrating a true desire for sufferers to access integrated healthcare at a personal level. The nutrition text should open new doors for many sufferers and widen the scope for scientific research into this devastating disorder."

Kate Neil, RN, RM, Dip. ION
Middlesex University, UK, Nutritional Therapy Dept. Director
NS3UK - Centre for Nutrition Education, UK

"This is a truly ground breaking book in which many leading international specialists and healthcare professionals have come together and created an exceptionally integrated approach to one of the most distressing conditions of our time.

Parkinson's Disease - The Way Forward! is a must for any practitioner, patient or carer, with a therapeutic interest or role in Parkinson's Disease."

Katy Petter BSc (Hons)

"I have just acquired a copy of your book Parkinson's Disease - The Way Forward! which I have found more helpful than any advice I have received from anywhere else since being diagnosed 12 years ago."

Anne Weller
Person with Parkinson's Disease, UK

"This resource book is an essential user-friendly compendium and tool-kit. By following the various practical strategies described, patients with PD can be helped and encouraged to improve their quality of life, function as best as they are able, reduce symptoms and minimise the distressing side-effects of drugs."

Tony Leather, B Ed (Hons)
Person with Parkinson's Disease, UK

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